WHY do walking boots have to be ugly?

This is a question I constantly ask myself when traipsing the aisles of any walking boot store. Walking past the mirage of beige, brown, dull walking boots is hardly an exciting experience. I don’t know about you but don’t you think walking boots nowadays are unnecessarily ugly? Ok, ugly is a harsh word buttttt if the shoe fits? (pun intended). 

Look at these beauties..

It was about 4 years ago I got into exploring, unfortunately my lanky feet didnt appreciate walking 10 miles in ‘normal’ shoes so I had to go to the dreaded walking boot store. To me personally, it felt like I was shopping for a mop bucket or something else equally as painful. I felt like I was back at school, being dragged around a shoe shop by my mum, trying on the blandest pairs of black plimsoles all because school couldn’t dare have kids showing any form of self-expression. “Nope, all the same – you can all look shit in black plimsoles” Anyway, I’m divulging again – apologies. Back to it, dull boots…. 

So, it was around this time where I came up with the idea of creating walking boots I would actually be happy to wear. It wouldn’t just be a necessity, I could walk into town after a walk and proudly prance around without feeling like I had two rocks on my feet. I thought it was a great idea so thats where this whole whirlwind started. I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than going into nature & still being able to express my individual style and quirks. At the end of the day without quirks we’d basically all be mega boring (no offence).

Image result for quote about being CRAZY

Anyway, in the shop I refused to buy a pair. Partly because I was a poor student and the £150 price tag nearly made me fall off my chair, but also, because why would I spend that much money on something I didn’t even like? Speaking to other people about this they thought I was mental, getting numerous blisters from walking in crap footwear, they wondered why I wouldn’t suck it up and just buy a boring pair of boots…. To me, the weird part was that they would just accept that this was the way with no question?! 

Half way through this journey I can honestly say I would be really happy walking in a pair of WIldSoles, wherever the trail may take me. Not just because I designed them and they are my brain child (ok, that may have something to do with it) but because they’re fun, they’re cool and they allow you to express your style instead of feeling like your in a pair of your grandads old work boots. 

Am I mega vain? No, genuinely not despite what the above might suggest…..hehe. But, I do think if you are going to invest in something as necessary as walking boots, why not make sure you actually like them? 

Please comment below, like/share if you enjoy my grumpy rambling & as always, thanks for reading

Gem x

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