The best walks in Yorkshire (in my humble opinion)…

So, where to start? Being from the red brick streets of Manchester I was really shocked when I moved to Yorkshire at how beautiful it is! Stone, greenery, amazing walks – its all my cup of tea.

But what walks would I say were my fave so far? I would love to be one of those people who could break down where to park, how long the walk is etc but I get chauffeured there like the pampered pooch I am and pay little attention to these details… But this is my list of favourite rambles to date:

Disclaimer: If I’ve missed out any deets then you can head to good ole Google for that.

1.Malham Cove

Harry Potter lovers its time to get fan-girlin’. The deathly hallows was filmed on the ‘brain’ of Malham Cove. This is my favourite of them all as the mix of scenery is incredible! The other highlight is the cute pubs and bars at the end of the walk. Head to Beck Hall for a bevvy and something to eat – you wont be disappointed.

2. Hardcastle Crags – Hebden Bridge

If you fancy a lil Sunday stroll to burn off those Yorkshire puds then you need to head here. This is only a small walk but the scenery and mass of trees is all you need! As always, its not all walk no play – about 30 mins into the walk you get to an old mill where you can treat yourself to a hot choc or whatever else tickles your fancy. Its a good mix of being beneath the trees and risking it all on the stepping stones of death (ok, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic there)…

3. Bolton Abbey

Get your £2 portable BBQ’s at the ready, its Bolton Abbey time! This is such a good summer spot! Lie out next to the river, jump in or bring a inflatable hot dog to glide down the stream on – Bolton Abbey has it all. Theres a walk which has obstacles for the kiddies (or the big kid in you). Just a lil tip from me to you – if you’re a 5’10 string bean like me, talking from experience, I’d probs give the obstacles a miss….

4. Ingleton Falls

If you ever fancy getting lost in waterfalls then this is your place! It takes around 2 hours to plod through it all but this is one of the most relaxing, scenic walks in Yorkshire. From waterfalls, to tree lined paths and moorlands- its a beauty. Not many eating/drinking spots along the way here so I’d recommend bringing a picnic!

What are your favourite walks? If you’d like to add any helpful comments/tips that I definitely missed then please feel free!

Gem x

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