Finding a manufacturer…. AKA – ‘A needle in a haystack’

So, as my title suggests its bloody hard! Apologies for swearing in the first line of this post but you know, just keeping it real.

I started out really optimistic, somehow thinking the world and his wife would be really keen to work with me. “A brand new start up with a girl who has no idea about the footwear industry? Sign me up!”

Well yeah, thats kinda how its gone so far. I feel like I have contacted every single manufacturer in the world (I am prone to exaggeration) and so far I’ve had no luck.

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However, things have changed lately….. After shamelessly putting myself out there on FB, LinkedIn and other forums (something I particularly hate doing) I finally may have a bite… OK, its probs a very mild nibble of my toe nail rather than a bite but I’ll go with that! Desperation does weird things to you – don’t judge pls.

So where am I upto? Well I’m speaking to a manufacturer in Tunisia and hoping to get a prototype made by them. Fingers are crossed that the quality is OK because I would love to get my first batch made so I can begin crowdfunding anddddd seeing if anyone actually wants to buy a pair (kinda a key factor)….

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Disclaimer: I have no idea who this man is…… I like his skull though

But yeah, it is not easy & I’ve never been rejected so much in my lifeeee. BUT, I will keep going and one day hopefully the manufacturers who turned there noses up at me (not that I currently blame them) will all come flocking like little eager sheep muahaha. A gal can dream right?

Thanks for staying with me & reading/sharing/hopefully liking my blogs. I know this journey is certainly a longggg one. But we will get there in the end! & at the end of the day, I’d rather hold out for something I love than settling with something I don’t.

If you’re going through something similar – trying to start something up, build a brand with literally zero traction and your nan as you’re only fan – cheers Barbs! Keep going and pushing on, we will get there in the end. Plus when we do, we’ll have a snazzy pair of boots on our feet 🙂

Massive shout out to Dory, my fish idol.

Cheeeeeeers all!

Gem x